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Key Fragrance Notes: Orange Blossom | Daffodil | Clementine

100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


This lightweight botanical perfumed hair oil will take you on a journey to the estate of Trianon; to the sweet white flowers from the intricate gardens, the mélange of bright orangey citrus in the orangerie, and to the balance between Marie-Antoinette’s pastoral romanticism and noblesse oblige.


Our Trianon botanical perfumed hair oil is made with pure, natural jojoba oil as well as a complex blend of plant-based oils and compounds formulated to bring shine, nourishment, and gentle fragrance to hair.

Trianon Perfumed Hair Oil

  • ORANGE BLOSSOM: Distilled from the bitter orange, this high quality orange blossom has none of the astringent, sometimes cloying properties of typical neroli. Instead, it is suave, velvety, and adds tremendous depth to the sweet, floral bouquet.


    DAFFODIL: Narcissus poeticus is stunning on its own; having an enthralling, green note to the hyacinth-forward sweetness that sets it apart from any other oil. It adds voluptuousness and seduction to the citrus notes that carries itself throughout the fragrance.


    CLEMENTINE: Of the citrus oils in our collection, this is the sweetest and truly lifts the Trianon citrus accord to new heights. Although a top note, it clings to the fragile florals into the heart of the fragrance.

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