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Parterre Gardens

My name is Jacob Van Patten and I’m the floral artisan and horticulturist behind Parterre Gardens. I have spent all of my life growing flowers thanks to my parents’ and grandparents’ unknowing actions that propelled me to pursue the art and science of cut flower production. 


From as early as 5, my parents had me helping them with their gardens; dad with the vegetable garden, and mom with her many flower beds. Many of my successes in cut flower growing comes from the generosity and love of my grandparents, where I currently grow the majority of my flowers. It’s because of them I have been afforded the opportunity to grow flowers on a larger scale and their continual support and love helps remind me why I love what I do. There is nothing quite like spreading beauty, color, and good feelings to others.


There are also the tiresome efforts that come from my parents who provide a helping hand whenever I need - manning farmers’ market stalls, transporting flowers and supplies, weeding, cutting, etc. If you were to ask my family who does most of the work they would undoubtedly say it’s me, but in reality it is truly my friends and loved ones who inspire and help me bring beauty to those who enjoy my flowers.


Since high school, my life has revolved around flower growing. From my small garden in my childhood backyard, I started cultivating perennials and annuals inside the small landscape I designed. Thanks to the woodworking skills taught to me by my father, together we built benches, arbors, and furniture for my little garden. 


Gladiolus was, and still very much is, my favorite flower. In 2008, I became obsessed and started buying all the varieties I could find locally and by the end of the year had amassed 40 cultivars. Over the past decade, I have grown over 500 different cultivars of gladiolus and planted over 10,000 corms. The flower fever was ingrained at this point, and I wanted to start growing everything.


Now over the course of the past three to four years, I have grown over 150 species of flowers, trialed and selected from new cultivars and colors, and have slowly found my way into the cut flower world. It gives me great pleasure to finally start turning my life’s passion into a business I can be proud of and surround myself and others in stunning colors, scents, and emotions.

French Roots

Parterre Gardens (the name comes from the French word parterre which means “flower bed”) incorporates my passion and love for flowers, creativity, French culture, and above all, the ability to spread beauty and happiness. Everything we grow is chosen with our clients in mind while supporting seed and bulb farmers from all over the United States and Canada. In addition, all of our plant material is grown right here in central Iowa so that you can be sure that your flowers are of the utmost freshness - straight from the field to the vase.

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