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Key Fragrance Notes: Guaiacwood | Cedarmoss | Green Mandarin

100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


This all-natural botanical perfume will take you on a journey to the emerald gardens of Eyrignac; to the spirit of the chinoiserie themes of the gardens, the freshness of the verdant hedges, and the exciting emotions of being lost in a secret garden in spring.

Eyrignac Perfume Sample

  • GUAIACWOOD: This woody base note adds a touch of peppery-sweetness to our formula that lingers long after the citruses have faded.


    CEDARMOSS: Harvested from a species of lichen, cedarmoss imparts a very earthy, forest-like aroma that is detected throughout our formula. Only added in the smallest amount possible, it loftily floats in the background.


    GREEN MANDARIN: We chose green mandarin for its “green” notes when compared to other citrus oils. It gives the formula some zest and also nods to the chinoiserie themes at Eyrignac.

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