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Key Fragrance Notes: Sandalwood | Cardamom | Cedarwood

100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


This lightweight botanical perfumed hair oil will take you on a journey to the hunting grounds of Chambord; to the misty thickets of European oaks, overgrown brush home to stags and boars, and to the green lawns of the château of François I.


Our Chambord botanical perfumed hair oil is made with pure, natural jojoba oil as well as a complex blend of plant-based oils and compounds formulated to bring shine, nourishment, and gentle fragrance to hair.

Chambord Perfumed Hair Oil

  • SANDALWOOD: This base note of spicy woods from Australia adds richness and subtlety during the drydown.


    CARDAMOM: This celebrated chai spice brings brightness, earthiness, and warmth to the heart of our fragrance.


    CEDARWOOD: A good foundation for other woody base ingredients, cedarwood instills our Chambord blend with added earthiness and grounded spirit.

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