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Key Fragrance Notes: Cedarwood | Juniper | Sweet Orange

100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


Before you lies a vast array of meticulously sculpted boxwoods. The aroma of fresh gin and sweet oranges envelops you. A whisper of sweet flowers clings to the evergreens like a vine. This is Amboise. Every plant here breathes a freshness; a crisp, energetic spirit that lifts off the terraces. It’s as if the sun is always shining here, warming the verdant leaves with each ray. Explore at your leisure in this poignant freshness.

Amboise Botanical Perfume Oil

  • CEDARWOOD: A mix of cedarwoods perfumes the base with its intensely woody, peppery fragrance.


    JUNIPER BERRY: Silvery-blue juniper berries add the essence of gin in the heart accord. Bright, herbal, sharp; a wild freshness for the perfume.


    SWEET ORANGE: Crisp, sweet citrus adds brightness to the top accord and ties the rest of the botanicals together.

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