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Key Fragrance Notes: Bois de Siam | Blood Orange | Bay Rum

100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


This botanical perfume will take you on a journey to the domaine of Clos-Lucé; to the earthy, spicy aromas of old parchment and wood fireplaces, to the sweet smells of simple flowers and breathing marshes, and to the inspiration of wonder and intrigue like da Vinci did with his inventions, art, and everything in between.


*This fragrance was previously named Versailles. Renamed to better reflect the feel of the ingredients; the formula remains the same.*

Lucé (Versailles) Perfume Sample

  • BOIS DE SIAM: Also called Siam wood, this cypress yields a very unique oil that has creamy, opoponax-like aromas. This base note lingers throughout the evolution of Lucé and pairs well with the other spices.


    BLOOD ORANGE: Although not sharply citrus, blood orange here adds a bright fruitiness that helps elevate the dense botanicals and compliment the spices as it ebbs and flows through the formula.


    BAY RUM: This Caribbean native holds its head high throughout the majority of the fragrance, being detectable through the entire evolution. Its “dry” spice effect lends to its complexity and intrigue.

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