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The French Garden Collection

Within the grounds of the palace of Versailles lies an area called Trianon - once a village; now a sprawling estate with two palaces in their own right and rich, ornate French formal gardens. Both the Grand and Petit Trianon were originally built by different French kings, but are most associated with Marie-Antoinette in modern day histories. In an attempt to remove herself from the pressures of court life, she had a hamlet and English style garden commissioned and spent most of her time in the environs of the Petit Trianon. Because of her emblematic presence, and that of the grandeur of Versailles’ orangerie, we designed a sweet, orange floral fragrance that captures the luscious sweetness of citrus with the romanticized life of living among the flowers in the estate of Trianon.

In reliving our experiences on the grounds, we designed a complex scent using plant-based essential oils and compounds that includes Egyptian orange blossom, French poet’s daffodil, and Italian clementine to persuade a fragrance of sweet white flowers from the intricate gardens, a mélange of bright orangey citrus in the orangerie, and to strike a balance between Marie-Antoinette’s pastoral romanticism and noblesse oblige.

Come on a journey with us to the gardens of the Trianon as we fall in love with a romance of delicate florals and sweet citrus.


Discover The Fragrance

Orange Blossom.png


Distilled from the bitter orange, this high quality orange blossom has none of the astringent, sometimes cloying properties of typical neroli. Instead, it is suave, velvety, and adds tremendous depth to the sweet, floral bouquet. 


Sample Trianon

Discover the sweet white flowers of the intricate gardens, the mélange of bright orangey citrus in the orangerie, and the balance between Marie-Antoinette’s pastoral romanticism and noblesse oblige in our Trianon inspired perfume products.


A variety of perfume formats are available as samples. Shop below and receive a coupon for 20% off with any sample purchase.

"It's incredible. This is my new favorite floral scent from you!"


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