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The French Garden Collection - Limited Edition

The Château des Milandes is all about femininity. Originally built in the 15th century to be a more romantic domicile for Lord François de Caumont’s wife, Milandes is highly decorated in the Renaissance and medieval styles. It was also the home of celebrated entertainer and activist, Joséphine Baker - the first black woman to star in a silent film and enter the famed Panthéon in Paris. The formal gardens mirror the grandeur of the chateau and provide a soft, romantic backdrop for this national heritage site. We decided it was important to formulate our scent to match the florals and greenery in the gardens while incorporating some spirited and seductive aromas to help share Milandes’ storied past.


By placing ourselves in the gardens of Milandes, we designed a complex scent using plant-based essential oils that includes French iris, Indonesian ginger, and Indian frangipani to symbolize the pink petals of abundant flowers, the liveliness of the shapes and colors of the formal box parterres, and the captivating lines and vistas that Milandes creates.


Come on a journey with us to the gardens of Milandes as we beguile the senses in the parterres of a heroine.



Sweet French iris, exotic ginger, and tropical frangipani flower.

Ginger flower.png

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