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Key Fragrance Notes: Iris | Ginger | Frangipani
100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


This lightweight botanical perfumed hair oil will take you on a voyage to the romantic gardens of Milandes; to the pink petals of abundant flowers, to the liveliness of the shapes and colors of the formal box parterres, and to the captivating lines and vistas that Milandes creates. Indulge in these complex sensations while you breathe deeply the spirited and seductive aromas of Milandes.


Our Milandes botanical perfumed hair oil is made with pure, natural jojoba oil as well as a complex blend of plant-based oils and compounds formulated to bring shine, nourishment, and gentle fragrance to hair.

Milandes Perfumed Hair Oil

  • IRIS: Also known as orris, this powdery, floral, yet slightly earthy base note is pervasive and sweetens the drydown of this formula.


    GINGER: Incredibly warming - we use an extract that makes the ginger almost candy-like and floral. This lets it mellow into the perfume adding depth and soul.


    FRANGIPANI: Also known as plumeria, frangipani is an invigorating tropical floral that brightens our formula and excites the palate with neroli and gardenia-like nuances.

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