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The French Garden Collection

The Luxembourg palace and gardens in Paris were erected by the widowed queen Marie de Medici in the 1600’s and today honor the many famous writers, educators, queens, women, and other notable figures through sculptures, art, and other signifiers. Although the palace hosts the French senate today, we wanted to formulate a scent that captured the floral scents of the plants that grow there as well as pay tribute to the women and queens that the gardens cherish.


By reminiscing on our own experiences in the Luxembourg gardens, we designed a complex scent using plant-based essential oils that includes Moroccan neroli, Indian jasmine, and Madagascar vanilla to define the rose gardens of Marie de Medici, the parterres of pink and red flowers, and the grand collection of glasshouse orchids.


Come on a journey with us to the Luxembourg gardens in Paris as we guide you through the scents of this floral menagerie.


Discover The Fragrance

Luxembourg - Jasmine.png


We use common jasmine in our formula which allows the perfume to not be over cumbered by heavy florals, and instead have hints of jasmine throughout the heart accord.


Sample Luxembourg

Discover the rose gardens of Marie de Medici, parterres of pink and red flowers, and the grand collection of glasshouse orchids in our Luxembourg inspired perfume products.


A variety of perfume formats are available as samples. Shop below and receive a coupon for 20% off with any sample purchase.

"Luxembourg is a pleasant surprise because the aroma profile is different than I had expected. Every time I smell it, I pick up something unique."


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