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Key Fragrance Notes: Jasmine | Neroli | Vanilla

100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


This lightweight botanical perfumed hair oil will take you on a journey to the amorous Luxembourg gardens of Paris; to the rose gardens of Marie de Medici, parterres of pink and red flowers, and to the grand collection of glasshouse orchids.


Our Luxembourg botanical perfumed hair oil is made with pure, natural jojoba oil as well as a complex blend of plant-based oils and compounds formulated to bring shine, nourishment, and gentle fragrance to hair.

Luxembourg Perfumed Hair Oil

  • JASMINE: We use common jasmine in our formula which allows the perfume to not be over cumbered by heavy florals, and instead have hints of jasmine throughout the heart accord.


    NEROLI: Orange blossom opens the perfume, giving it depth and adding balance to the sweet florals while also helping to mellow out the formula.


    VANILLA: Sweet vanilla lingers on the skin in the drydown and is lightly detectable throughout the evolution of the perfume.

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