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The French Garden Collection Winter Solid Perfume Discovery Set

5 solid perfume samples - 1g (0.04oz) each


Explore scents of some of the most iconic French gardens as reimagined in this set of all-natural botanical solid perfumes. This discovery set contains 5 of our favorite seasonal perfumes.


All of the solid perfumes in our French Garden Collection are handcrafted in small batches using only 100% pure, natural jojoba oil, yellow beeswax, and a complex blend of plant-based oils and compounds.


Each discovery set is also accompanied by a coupon code for 20% off any future purchase.


The French Garden Collection - 2023 Winter Edition



Black Hemlock | Maté | Sage

Discover the earthy, crackling stone fireplaces, the lush evergreen groves bowing amid a flurry of snow, and the comforting, familiar holidays spent in wonder and excitement.



Rockrose | Mimosa | Yuzu

Take an excursion to the Mediterranean greenery, the vineyards and fruits surrounding Lourmarin, and the warm sun-kissed stones and flowers that abound. 



Jasmine | Neroli | Vanilla

Explore the rose gardens of Marie de Medici, the parterres of pink and red flowers, and the grand collection of glasshouse orchids.



Coconut | Cardamom | Vanilla

Uncover the gilded sophistication of open-air sculptures and elegant interiors, the earthy smells emanating from the fireplaces as they intertwine with the surrounding flora, and a decadent sweetness that conjures up a scene of glittering crystal amidst a light snowfall.



Honeybush | Caraway | Tangerine

Embrace the frosted flowers and snow-topped boxwood parterres, the gracefulness of swans gliding upon the canals, and the bittersweet sharpness of the arrival of winter.

Winter Solid Perfume Discovery Set

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  • All of our botanical perfumes, regardless of their format, are meticulously crafted exclusively from natural ingredients. As a result, they exhibit a distinct difference from the customary endurance of synthetic perfumes. Rather than filling the surrounding space with their aroma, our perfumes are designed to envelop and enhance the essence of the wearer and those in close proximity. Their longevity, spanning approximately 2 to 6 hours (sometimes more), is subject to an individual's unique body chemistry—although we commit ourselves to a minimum of 3 hours for a perfume formula, from the initial fragrance unveiling to the lingering traces of base notes on the skin.


    In a departure from conventional perfumery, our creations are artfully constructed to undergo a metamorphosis over time. Unlike traditional fragrances that maintain a static olfactory profile, our perfumes evolve and transform, much like the gardens from which we’ve drawn inspiration. This transformative quality imparts a heightened sense of intrigue and complexity, offering the wearer an interesting journey of discovery with every application. What aromatic revelations will unfurl within seconds, minutes, and hours? We invite you to discover the captivating journey we have thoughtfully curated for your enjoyment.

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