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Key Fragrance Notes: Honeybush | Caraway | Tangerine
100% Natural and Synthetic Free


This lightweight botanical perfumed hair oil will take you on an excursion to the château of Vizille; to the frosted flowers and snow-topped boxwood parterres, to the gracefulness of swans gliding upon the canals, and to the bittersweet sharpness of the arrival of winter. Indulge in these complex sensations while you breathe deeply the sweet contradictions of a revolutionary scent.

Vizille Perfumed Hair Oil

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  • HONEYBUSH: Sultry-sweet and sharp, honeybush gives this fragrance depth and a subtle sweetness when combined with the other botanicals.


    CARAWAY: Crisp, herbal, fresh, and slightly spicy; caraway adds roundness and contradiction to the heart accord.


    TANGERINE: The perfect top note for opening the fragrance - a sweet, somewhat floral citrus that lingers amongst the other botanicals.

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