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Key Fragrance Notes: Immortelle | Amber | Allspice

100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


This botanical perfume will take you on a chase to the château of Rambouillet; to the picturesque mirrored autumnal colors of the trees on the canals, the spirit of the château’s old traditions of hunting and trapping, and the crisp, spicy smells of ripening chestnuts, earthy truffles, and other French forest delicacies.

Rambouillet Botanical Solid Perfume

  • IMMORTELLE: Immortelle has many names and just as many descriptions for its scent - we like to think it is evocative of caramel. Very tenacious and lingers on skin for hours.


    AMBER: Deep, resinous, smoky, earthy, tarry - the list goes on. In the Rambouillet formula, it acts more earthy/smoky and grounds the rest of the botanicals.


    ALLSPICE: Exhilarating and uplifting, allspice adds an aromatic kick to the heart accord that we personally find seductive and well-chosen.

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