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Key Fragrance Notes: Rockrose | Mimosa | Yuzu

100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


A radiant prism of warm sunlight caresses your face as your gaze ascends toward the sun-drenched façade. Briskly, you glide up the uneven path, where the chalky tan stones, interwoven into the adjacent wall, seem to exude a seductive earthy fragrance. A gentle breeze carries the scents of the Provençal flora to your senses; a vibrant bouquet of sweet, rosy, and peppery notes. Stepping onto the terrace, the Italian cypress trees ascend to welcome you with an effulgent vitality. Provence unfolds precisely as it has been depicted: resplendent with flowers and herbs nestled amidst the strewn stones. Here, in the embrace of Lourmarin, one may savor a renaissance of olfactory sensations amidst the caressing warmth of southern France.

Lourmarin Botanical Solid Perfume

  • ROCKROSE: Also known as Cistus or labdanum, rockrose adds a sultry-sweet addition to the drydown with hints of leather and a suave, herbal sweetness.


    MIMOSA: The "sun" flower of winter in Provence - sweet, musky, herbal, and honey-like. It ebbs and flows throughout the evolution of our Lourmarin formula.


    YUZU: A sweet-floral citrus with "green" notes that has the longest tenacity of the citrus family oils. Although harvested in Japan, it opens the fragrance with true Mediterranean vibes.

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