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Key Fragrance Notes: Patchouli | Champaca | Jasmine

100% Natural - Alcohol and Synthetic Free


You stand perched upon a sun-bleached rocky outcropping. A statue of a demure feminine figure beside you; her terracotta visage unadorned, she emanates a seductive warmth that throws the sweet fragrance of cacti flowers about. A gentle breeze ascends from the cerulean waters of the Mediterranean 1000 feet below, bringing with it the delicate scents of sea salt and dusty succulents. In the face of the inhospitable expanse that surrounds, Èze remains an oasis of vitality. Stay and uncover a high-altitude desert adorned with resolute foliage and blossoms.

Èze Botanical Solid Perfume

  • PATCHOULI: A familiar base note that creates an earthy foundation for the crisp florals and other warm botanicals. Here, it shows a different side than the typical patchouli of the 70's.


    CHAMPACA: This rich, velvety and suave floral is the linchpin of our fragrance. It breathes depth into the patchouli and helps pull the fleeting top notes into the heart accord.


    JASMINE: We use Jasminum grandiflorum in order to capture the full spectrum of the flower. Combined with the other floral musks in the fragrance, the jasmine is allowed to unfold - more indole than sweet.

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