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Key Fragrance Notes: Davana | Palo Santo | Linden Blossom

100% Natural - Synthetic Free


This botanical perfume will take you on a journey to the Villa Ephrussi; to the fruity tropical smells of Mediterranean flora, the bright and subtle color palettes that abound, and the spiciness of life on the Côte d’Azur. Indulge in these complex sensations while you breathe deeply the romantic splendors of a sweet Mediterranean repose.

Ephrussi Botanical Perfume Oil

  • DAVANA: A heart note redolent of boozy, fragrant fruit that evokes the essence of apples, wine, and fermented stone fruits.


    PALO SANTO BERRY: The sustainable harvesting of berries from the palo santo tree imbues a subtle spiciness to the fragrance, while adding to its allure without overpowering it.


    LINDEN BLOSSOM: A heady, intensely sweet floral note suffused with the aromas of sun-warmed honey and fruity herbal tea.

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