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The French Garden Collection - Limited Edition

Situated along the Côte d’Azur lies the Villa Ephrussi - a small Italian-inspired palazzo envisioned in soft pink from the “belle époque.” Aside from the beautiful architecture, it is also known for its astounding landscapes. Nine themed gardens combine to create a grand exploration of plants, Mediterranean views, sculptures, architecture, and a choreography of moving water. Flowers abound in shades of blush, tropical pink, ruby reds, and fuchsia - a starting point for us to create a light, sweet and heady summer fragrance.

By placing ourselves in the varied gardens of Ephrussi, we designed a complex scent using plant-based essential oils that includes Indian davana, Nicaraguan palo santo berry, and Bulgarian linden blossom to capture the fruity tropical smells of Mediterranean flora, the bright and subtle color palettes that abound, and the spiciness of life on the Côte d’Azur. 

Each bath product in this series utilizes dried seasonal blooms and naturally derived micas to imbue them in pinks and purples to romanticize the feelings evoked by exploring the many gardens and do justice to the pink façades and flowers.

Come on a journey with us to the gardens of Ephrussi as we sweep you up in the romantic splendors of a sweet Mediterranean repose.



"It is a wonderful Summer scent that is light and sweet that makes me want to go back to picking apples again later this year."

-Natasha N.

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