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Botanical drawing of sandalwood

The French Garden Collection

Chambord (pronounced sham-BORE) is one of the great Renaissance châteaux that harks back to a time where leisure was king and the thrill of the hunt was alive and well. It’s no wonder François I chose to feature a wild creature as his heraldry. We thought this was the perfect garden to showcase a scent tailored towards those that love smoky and spicy aromas.


By reflecting on our own experiences traversing the grounds of Chambord, we designed a complex scent using plant-based essential oils that includes Australian sandalwood, Guatemalan cardamom, and Moroccan cedarwood to elicit the complex gardens, which are edged by misty thickets of European oaks, overgrown brush home to stags and boars, and green lawns that frame the château of François I.


Come on a journey with us to the gardens of Chambord as we take you on a chase through the scents of bewildering and wild forests.


Discover The Fragrance

Chambord - Sandalwood.png


This base note of spicy woods from Australia adds richness and subtlety during the drydown.

Chambord solid perfume samples
Chambord perfume oil sample and packaging

Sample Chambord

Discover the misty thickets of European oaks, overgrown brush home to stags and boars, and the green lawns of the château of François I in our Chambord inspired perfume products.


A variety of perfume formats are available as samples. Shop below and receive a coupon for 20% off with any sample purchase.

The warmth from the cardamom combined with the almost citrusy cedar is to die for."

-Lily T.

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