The French Garden Collection - Limited Edition

With its proximity to Paris, the Château de Rambouillet has been a royal, imperial, and presidential estate of leisure over the centuries. Its landscapes and gardens reflect the changes in seasons, as well as the change in hands of the domaine. From the presidential salle à manger, to Marie-Antoinette’s dairy, to the shell cottage, Rambouillet has a lot of varied historical treasures to discover. The grounds of Rambouillet are perhaps especially beautiful in autumn, and as such, we wanted to highlight the vivid autumnal colors, red ivies, and the sparkle of a forest changing seasons.

By placing ourselves in the gardens of Rambouillet, we designed a complex scent using plant-based essential oils that includes Spanish immortelle, Himalayan amber, and Jamaican allspice to capture the picturesque mirrored autumnal colors of the trees on the canals, the spirit of the château’s old traditions of hunting and trapping, and the crisp, spicy smells of ripening chestnuts, earthy truffles, and other French forest delicacies.

Come on a journey with us to the estate of Rambouillet as we chase through the changing trees to discover the allure of a French autumn.


A spicy, warm fragrance for autumn. Intoxicating   immortelle, smoky amber, and crackling   allspice. 



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