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The French Garden Collection

Of all the châteaux in the Loire Valley, none are as unique as Chenonceau - it was literally built over the river. Not only is the château unique, but so is the history of its matriarchal gardens; caught between a queen and her husband’s mistress, each embodying the different desires for a fragrant parterre. As such, we knew roses had to be at the forefront of our product’s palette and chose to anchor that smell with other flowers grown there.


By contemplating our own experiences in the gardens of Chenonceau, we designed a complex scent using plant-based essential oils that includes Bulgarian rose, Indian vanilla, and Moroccan neroli to capture the scents of the rose gardens of Catherine de Medici, the parterres of lavender and sweet pink petals, and the colorful hibiscus in the gardens of Diane de Poitier.


Each bath product in this series utilizes dried seasonal blooms and naturally derived micas to imbue them in pinks in order to express the romanticism of the rose gardens and the graceful Renaissance ambience that is Chenonceau.


Come on a journey with us to the gardens of Chenonceau as we usher you through the scents of romance and sensuality.


"Chenonceau is a beautiful scent. I was looking for a nice rose scent that wouldn’t turn powdery on my skin, and this hits the mark."

-Kayley S.



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