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The French Garden Collection

Once the royal gardens of the Tuileries palace that once stood there, now they serve as a natural and colorful entrance to the Louvre and stands as a public park for the millions of visitors to the heart of Paris. By drawing inspiration from the garden’s ever-changing history, we went to work to create a complex scent that recalled the Tuileries’ original Renaissance gardens and what it has become today - a garden for everyone.


By captivating our own experiences meandering through the Tuileries gardens, we designed a complex scent using plant-based essential oils that includes Sri Lankan cinnamon, Egyptian geranium, and Indian palmarosa that unifies the floriferous parterres of purples and peach, the expertly lined deciduous trees, and the many Greek and Roman statues and flowing fountains. 


Each bath product in this series utilizes dried seasonal blooms and naturally derived micas to imbue them in purple and peach to combine the regalness of the Louvre and original palace with the soft hues of the flowers, statues, and fountains that adorn the park.


Come on a journey with us to the Tuileries gardens as we take you on a calming excursion through the scents of this Renaissance garden.


A complex mélange of enticing geranium, spicy cinnamon, and refreshing palmarosa.

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