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The French Garden Collection

The gardens of Chantilly combine multiple types of gardens (woodland, English, formal, informal, and even a hamlet) with lavish water features and parterres to create one unforgettable cohesive experience. Since water features so heavily in these gardens, it was important to us to formulate a scent that imagined the movement of the water amidst the various patches of wildflowers and formal evergreens. 


By walking the gardens of Chantilly, we designed a complex scent using plant-based essential oils that includes French chamomile, Madagascar ylang ylang, and Bulgarian lavender to help frame the English gardens of rolling hills of colorful wildflowers, the intricately designed topiaries and green lawns, and the sweetly scented thickets and hedges. 


Each bath product in this series utilizes dried seasonal blooms and naturally derived micas to imbue them in purple and white to paint an impressionistic view of the soft woodland landscapes and purity of the château façades and placid waters.


Come on a journey with us to the gardens of Chantilly as we meander through the scents of this formal naturalism.



"This perfume is a bouquet of chamomile flowers, clipped this very morning from your own garden and arranged in a vase..."

-Samantha A.

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